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最佳答案带翻译潮流的个性英文签名有如果时间可以倒退一切也就不再珍贵:if the time,can go back wards,everything is no longer precious等。



1)如果时间可以倒退,一切也就不再珍贵。 1) if the time can go backwards, everything is no longer precious. 2)没有永远的晴天,也没有永远的雨季。晴天晒晒太阳,雨天听听雨声,这就是心情! 2) no eternal sunshine, no forever during the rainy season. Sunny day in the sun, the rain listen to the rain, this is the mood! 3)我从来不投降,尽管摔成这样,没人过来扶我,我也站得漂亮。 3) I never surrender, though fell into this, nobody came to help me, and I stood pretty. 4)我要的不多,父母健康,朋友忠诚,爱人专一。 4) I want is not much, parents health, loyal friend, lover is single-minded. 5)心里有一些牵挂,有些爱却不得不各安天涯 5) in the mind have some obsession with, some love have to the Ann tianya... 6)在我的青春时代我就希望你只有我一个人而我的年少只拥有着你 6) in my youth I would hope that you only have I a person and I was only with you 7)据说,你害怕时第一时刻想到的就是你最爱的人 7) it is said that, when you are afraid the first time think of is your favorite person 8)我一直盼望你来找我 发型凌乱 胡子拉碴 带着满身的悔意敲我的门。 8) Ive been looking forward to you come to my hair messy Unshaven with with regret knocked on my door. 9)春天的风,甜滋滋的樱桃,桑椹咕噜咕噜的泉水,傍晚的夕阳,这些都像是你的存在。 9) the spring wind, fruity cherry, mulberry loud gurgling springs, the evening sunset, the existence of these like you. 10)昨天很重要,它构建了我们的记忆;明天很重要,它让我们有了憧憬和梦想。 10) yesterday is very important, it builds our memory; Tomorrow is very important, it gives us hopes and dreams. 11)哪天你累了,哭了,心碎了,请回头望下,我照旧在你死后等候。 11) which day you are tired, cry, heart is broken, please look back, I still wait after you die. 12)花布满了山头,你说过这时候会回来把我拥在怀里的。 12) was full of the hill, you said you will come back with me in my arms at this moment. 13)梦想一定要有,万一实现了呢 13) must have a dream, one thousand achieved 14)遇见你以后,我从没心没肺变成了掏心掏肺~ 14) After to meet you, I from the heart becomes a rink hijinks tao lung ~ 15)我是个坏脾气的人 希望你能在看清我是个不怎么样甚至有点差劲的人之后 不会扔下我。 15) Im a man of my bad temper I hope you can see in me is not good even after a bit of a bad man Dont leave me. 16)认定了就别放弃爱上了就别放手 16) identified fell in love with dont let go, dont give up 17)我总是在不同的地点时间扮演着不同的角色,一直虚伪靡乱着度过 17) I always plays a different role in the location of the different time, has been hypocritical not disorderly spend 18)我想要的爱情不是一辈子不吵架,而是吵架了还能一辈子。 18) I want to love is not a lifetime dont quarrel, quarreled but also for a lifetime. 19)我用时间称自己的重量然后数落自己的肤浅与狂妄。 19) I use the time according to their own weight and criticizing his superficial and madness. 20)我喜欢那种很长一段没有标点的字读起来觉得就像是我对爱情喘不上气. 20) I like the a long no punctuation characters feel like read my breath to the love. 21)春天的鲜花开满了墙,你是我的如愿以偿。 21) spring flowers full of the wall, you are my. 22)有时候很想去看海,听海哭的声音。 22) sometimes really want to go to the sea, guihai the voice of the cry. 23)满心绪得不到发泄只能压在心底己独自吞。 23) full mood not to vent pressure in the bottom of my heart only has swallowed alone. 24)妳不在身旁,一个人感觉的荒凉。潮流的个性英文签名带翻译 24) beside your absence, a person feel desolate. 25)因为爱你我放下了所有伪装,却忘了我会受到更深的伤。 25) because love you I put down all the camouflage, forget I will deeper injury. 26)你给的那片荒芜请告诉我该怎么逃。 26) the deserted you to please tell me how to escape. 27)不主动怕失去,主动怕是自作多情 27) is not afraid of losing actively, active even unfounded worry 28)看着桌上的白纸黑字丶续写天空的声音 28) looked at the table, the black and white written voice of the sky 29)只有爱你的人有一瞬之光,穿越时空也蔓延渗透人群的心房。 29) only the people who love you have a moment of light, spread across time and space also permeate the atrium of the crowd. 30)我的世界是一片遍布向日葵的原野,那里满眼阳光,绽放希望。 30) my world is a sunflower fields across the sunshine there eyeful, bloom of hope. 31)寻到那个和你一样的背影与微笑 31) to find the same as you figure and smile 32)我也可以变得很不一样,我也可以笑得很漂亮。 32) I can also become very different, I can also smile is very beautiful. 33)岁月极美,在于它必然的流逝。春花秋月夏日冬雪。 33) the most beautiful time, is that it inevitable passing. Moon spring summer winter snow. 34)如果某一天你要离开我会选择沉默因为你的幸福比我的挽留重要多了。 34) if one day you leave I will choose silence because your happiness is more important than my keep. 35)谢谢你那么美那么帅还给我Flower 35) thank you gave me Flower so beautiful so handsome 36)时间会告诉你越是平凡的陪伴越长久 36) time will tell you the more ordinary company more long 37)你的心倘徉着睡着的湖水,我把对你的谜语写在月亮上,你低声呓语,我吹息了星星。 37) your heart lake if any of them to fall asleep, I write a riddle for you on the moon, you are speaking in a low voice, I blow out the stars. 38)一恍惚 物是人非 当初的已改变 38) a trance things had changed 39)若,晴天和日,就淡赏闲云;若,风雨敲窗,就且听风吟。 39) if sunny day and day, light to watch the clouds; If the wind and rain knocked at the window, and hear the wind sing. 40)男人带着你的虚伪滚蛋。 40) men fuck off with your hypocrisy. 41)诉说你的梦站在巴黎最高的地方遥望那渺小的星星 41) tell your dream in Paris highest standing ahead in the small stars 42)〆一片花瓣一封情书一句暖心旳话一双妳牵着旳手。 42) 〆 a petal a love letter a warm heart words a pair of you, holding your hand. 43)现实并不美好,美好的不现实。 43) the reality is not good, not good are real. 44)天不给我的无论我十指怎样紧扣仍然走漏给我的无论过去我怎么失手都会拥有。 44) day dont give me no matter how my fingers stick to let the cat out of the give me whatever in the past, I still miss will have. 45)我的心里堆着好多话堆着堆着开成了花。 45) my heart with so much... Piled with a flower.

46)我遁着岁月的足迹,走过散落一地的旖旎,寻找流年深处的一季花雨。 46) I dun the footprints of time, through the scattered charming, rain flower looking for time in the depth of the season. 47)能不能再一次感动你然后学会珍惜最后我们谁都再也不放弃。 47) can be moved again, and then you learn to cherish the last of us never to give up. 48)从你忍心伤害我的那一刻起,我就知道 我的感受,你一定从没考虑过。 48) from the moment you have the heart to hurt me, I will know that I feel, you must have never considered. 49)水中的鱼,我泪在滴。时间撩水无痕迹,那泛起的回忆,愿是我和你在一起时光。 49) the fish in the water, my tear drops. Time liao water have no trace, the glimmer of memories, may be you and I together. 50)如果下辈子我们把彼此的角色对调,我?定会让你快乐。可是现在你却让我如此悲伤。 50) if the next life we each others role reversal, I? Will make you happy. But now you make me so sad. 51)迩喜欢浪我就血染战旗征天下迩想要安稳我就放弃戎马给迩家 51) you like waves I blood dyed the white sign all you want safe I will give you give up a military family 52)如果你采了一支野玫瑰,痛也别放手,她也需要爱。 52) if you picked a wild rose, painful and dont let go, she also need love. 53)旧时光的忧伤残像,定格成生命中最绝美的画面。 53) disability like, of the old time frames into the most beautiful picture in life. 54)人生若只如初见, 我愿停留在昨天 54) if life only such as first, I want to stay in yesterday 55)如果你在冬天遇到喜欢的人,他可以把你的冬天变成春天。 55) if you encounter in the winter of the person you like, he can turn your winter into spring. 56)两人一起时间长了新鲜感就淡了难免就会产生裂痕其实大家都没变只是时间变了。 56) together after a long time the novelty is weak hard to avoid can produce a fracture he actually dont we change just time. 57)如果你不能在我跌倒时拉我你又凭什么和我分享我重拾的荣耀 57) if you cant pull me when I fell down and you share with me and with what I regain the glory 58)借我一段笑 款款摆渡这沧桑尘寰 58) I borrow a leisurely ferry the vicissitudes of life waves 59)看那漫天飘零的花朵,在最美丽的时刻凋谢,有谁会记得这世界她来过。 59) look at the sky fallen flowers, in the most beautiful moment wither, who will remember she came to this world. 60)第一根白发,得到恨;最后一根白发,得到爱。 60) The first gray hair, get hate; The last gray hair, be loved. 61)蘤嘟開滿孓,風嘟漸煖孓。 61) open full Jue 蘤 du, du gradually warm wind Jue. 62)音律起亱鴬初嗁,桃蘤嵠與卿别離。 62) Early music up 亱 鴬 嗁, peach 蘤 嵠 with your separation. 63)也请你从回忆里走出来 因为我们都不会再是记忆中的样子了。 63) also asks you to out of memory Because we all can no longer be remembered. 64)绿水本无忧,因风皱面;青山原不老,为雪白头。 64) green water this easy, because the wind wrinkled face; Castle peak the original old for white head. 65)我宁愿一个人生活,也不要一些虚伪的人贴在我身边,看着我痛苦。 65) I would rather a personal life, also do not want some false of the people by my side, look at my pain. 66)将回忆酿成烈酒入喉,从此不再挽留不再回头 66) will recall that spirits into the throat, henceforth no longer retain no longer turn back 67)薄云又覆一夕阳,梦语西厢,泪满裳。 67) cloud and a sunset, sprawling, west wing, tears full frontal. 68)时间在变,人也在变。有些事,不管我们如何努力,回不去就是回不去了。 68) time is changing, people are changing. Some things, no matter how hard we, return not to go is cant go back. 69)我怀念的不是你,而是你给的致命的曾经。 69) what I miss is not you, but you give the deadly ever. 70)送行时对你说保重哦 但真正想说的其实是 “带上我吧”。 70) Said to you take care of yourself oh when off But really want to say is "take me". 71)你是太阳会发光,我是飞蛾会扑火 71) you are the sun shine, Ill fire suppression is moths 72)你放不下的只是我们在一起的时间,而不是我。 72) you can not let go is the time we share together, instead of me. 73)一直孤身向前走 就算四周已经连星光都消逝 也不敢回头 怕那里真的一个不舍的眼光也没有。 73) have been alone and move forward If even the stars die now Cant turn back Afraid there really a also did not give up. 74)我就是我是颜色不一样的烟火 74) I am what I am is the color of fireworks 75)当我讨厌一个人的时候如果这个人突然说喜欢我那我就一点也不讨厌对方了就是这么有原则 75) when I hate a person if the person suddenly say that like me then I dont hate each other is so principled 76)前方无绝路,希望在转角。 76) in front of the blind alley, hope in the corner. 77)夏夜,大概就是女孩子飞扬的裙角,和临风而来的沐浴露的香味,一切都那么轻柔,像一个吻。 77) summer night, probably is the girl flying skirt horn, and the breeze fragrance shower gel, everything is so gentle, like a kiss. 78)某个人,某句话。某些场景,某一首歌。总能轻易撕扯着你的情绪。 78) someone, something. Some scenarios, a song. Always can easily tear apart your mood. 79)实力造就经典王者绝非偶然 79) strength create classic king is no accident 80)有梦的人大有可为 80) a dream" 81)无畏过往与现状,一心向阳快乐就住在我的心上。 81) past and present situation of valiant heart happy sunny lived in my heart. 82)别因寂寞而恋爱恋爱会让你更寂寞 82 dont because of loneliness and love love will make you more lonely 83)相遇,是一种美丽,像一座小城向晚,映着夕阳的绚烂。 83), is a kind of beautiful, like a small city evening, reflecting the gorgeous sunset. 84)假如曾经没获得过,那么此时的我就不会如斯念念不舍。 84) if ever did not get, so at this time I wont be as followed. 85)我经的起多大的诋毁,就经的起多大的赞美。 85) I the much vilified, after much praise. 86)一本书,一句话,一段情,选一种姿态,让自己活的无可替代 86), a book, in a word, a mood, choose a kind of attitude, let oneself live irreplaceable 87)微笑着。我很坚强。 87) with a smile. I am very strong. 88)我爱你十年如一日沉淀,放手给你所有碧海蓝天。 88) I love you ten years like one day precipitation, to give you all the blue sky. 89)无聊的时候会习惯性的掏出手机看一下时间,然后解锁,翻动几页功能表,然后锁屏放回裤兜 89) bored tend to take out a cellular phone to look at the time, and then unlock, flipping pages menu, and then lock screen back pockets




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