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最佳答案伤感的英文个性签名有:如果年华真的似水为何退不去,如果人生真的如梦为何醒不来。If time really softness and why not go back, if why is life really dream don't wake up.



(1)、即使我的世界无色,也他妈的不用你来渲染Even if my world colorless, also need not you fucking to render

(2)、我不想孤单坐在回忆了思念,拿得起,放得下。I don't want to lonely sitting recalled miss, take up, put down. (3)、爱情面前我们明白了太多,也失去了太多Love before we know too much, also lost too much (4)、他说他爱她,我算什么?He said that he loved her, and I? (5)、有些事,有些人,不是真的想忘记,就一定会忘记。Some things, some people, is not really want to forget, forget. (6)、也许没忘记,只是想不起曾经有一个人在我心里。Maybe didn't forget, just remember there was once a man in my heart. (7)、孤单的时候,或许只有文字,才能缓解我的苍白无力。Lonely, perhaps only text, can relieve my pale. (8)、上帝会把我们最珍重的东西拿走,以提醒我们得到的太多。当失去的时候,你唯一能做的便是不好忘记。God will give us the most treasure thing to take away, to remind us gain too much. When lose, the only thing you can do is bad - forget it. (9)、痛而不言是一种智慧,笑而不语是一种豁达。Pain without words is a kind of wisdom, smiling without a word is an open-minded. (10)、想太多,会导致更多问题。Think too much, will lead to more problems. (11)、有时候有时候,我会相信一切都会有尽头Sometimes, sometimes, I'll believe that everything will have an end (12)、只恐夜深,繁花睡去,枕畔窗前,谁共低语。Lest night, flowers to go to sleep, ZhenPan the window, who were whispering. (13)、离殇欲语世俗缘,素裹独行泉路间。踱步奈何冷桥沿,痴笑今生情愫浅。Wounds from the secular, desire language well walk alone road between spring. Paced along the alternative cold bridge, simper this life feelings. (14)、听弦断,断那千痴缠。坠花湮,湮没一朝风涟。花若怜,落在谁的指尖。Listen to the string broken, break the thousand chi. Falling flowers Yan, annihilation once the wind ripple. If flow, who fell on the fingertips. (15)、等我回来,我陪你唱情歌,你陪我看最美的烟火When I come back, I accompany you sing love songs, you accompany me to see the most beautiful fireworks (16)、我知道爱你是个未知数,可我还是愿意去付出。I know love you is unclear, but I am still willing to pay (17)、我们的回忆被时间偷走。搁浅在无法触及的昨天Our memories stolen by time. Can't touch the stranded on yesterday (18)、韶华不为少年留,恨悠悠,几时休?飞絮落花时候一登楼,便作春江都是泪,流不尽,许多愁。Long long not for teenagers to keep, and hate, how long will take? -- when out of the building, is a riverside are tears, flow, many troubles. (19)、如果年华真的似水为何退不去,如果人生真的如梦为何醒不来。If time really softness and why not go back, if why is life really dream don't wake up. (20)、或许是我把你想得太过于美好,才会痛到窒息也不愿放弃。May be I think too too good, you will be pain to suffocate it also reluctant to give up. (21)、心中有座坟,葬着未亡人The heart has a grave, buried the widow (22)、我不想用离开的方式教会你如何去珍惜。I don't want to leave way teach you how to cherish. (23)、一我给你最真诚的信任,你却伤我最深。I give you the most sincere trust, but you hurt me the most. (24)、往事不必再提,人生已多风雨,我只愿风止于秋水,而我止于你。The past don't mention, the life has more wind and rain, I wouldn't want to stop the wind in autumn waters, while I check on you. (25)、爱上一个人就是,无论他和谁在一起,只要他幸福就好Fall in love with a person is, no matter who he and together, as long as he happiness is good (26)、也许是天气,也许是运气,也许是因为有人不放弃。Maybe the weather, maybe it's luck, maybe it's because someone does not give up. (27)、夏天的每一阵凉风都不可辜负,要让它带走果香帮你实现愿望Do not live up to every gust of cool wind in summer, to let it take fruit to help you (28)、以梦喂马,驰骋岁月;以梦为马,诗酒趁年华。To dream, horses galloping years; In the dream for the horse, poem liquor before time. (29)、可是,哥们儿,有钱有权有身材脸蛋的女人你敢要么But, dude, rich shall have the right to has a face of women dare you either (30)、那些让你睡不着的心事,都会变成天上的星星。That will make you mind could not sleep, will become the stars in the sky.


1弥散在季节的风雨里,温馨在绵绵的记忆中,知否?想借风儿送去讯息:生命如歌,芳菲满园。Dispersion in the storm of the season, warm in continuous memory, know? Want to borrow the wind to send message: life such as song, wheatgrass garden...2、看的到的只是表面的光彩,唯有看不到的才最真实。To see is the surface of the light, only see the most true,3、何必拿尊严去挽留一个变了心的人。情也好,爱情也罢。Why take dignity to retain a changed heart. Love, love.4、烦躁的连自己都知道该怎样办好。Be agitated of even they know how to do well.5、没有人知道明天会发生什么,所以我们要在今天,好好待自己,好好相爱。No one knows what will happen tomorrow, so we're going to today, take for yourself, to love each other well.6、感觉太累的时候,不要吝啬,给自己一个拥抱吧,闭上眼就是天堂。Feel too tired, don't be stingy, give yourself a hug, I closed my eyes is heaven.7、看穿了世界,也看不穿人心See through the world, do not wear the heart8、原来什么都在变,内些什么狗屁沧海桑田。Originally what all changing, what shit inside passage.9、你是夏日里冰凉的啤酒,你是阵雨前裙角掠过的风。You are ice cold beer in summer, you are the wind shower before skirt horn over.10、也许你认为重于千金的东西对别人来说是那么那么轻。Perhaps you think is more important than money is so so light for others.11、别以为你被世界抛弃了,世界根本就没空搭理你,Don't think you were abandoned in the world, the world simply doesn't have time for you now,12、你的废话怎样比湖南卫视的广告还多啊。Nonsense: how do you like more than hunan TV ads.13、我带着你的爱情一起去旅行,一起回顾我们曾走过的每个大街小巷。I bring you love to travel together, review each streets we walk together.14、有的人说不出清楚那里好,但就是谁都代替不了!Some people say a good out there, but is who all don't replace!15、我想牵你的手,从心动,到古稀。I want to hold your hand, from the heart, to the version.16、真正的爱情不是你知道他(她)有多好才要在一起,而是明知他(她)又太多的不好还是不愿离开。True love is not you know he (she) have much good just to be together, but know he (she) again too many bad or don't want to leave.17、烦燥的情绪让我个性的想家人Fretful mood let my personality to his family18、爱过才知痛滋味,痛过才知情可贵。Love you only know pain, pain just close to the valuable.19、我爱的人,不是我的爱人,他心里的每一寸都属于另一个人。I love the people, not my lover, he was every inch belong to another person.20、就是正因你知道得太多了,因此我不得不成为你的好朋友Just because you know too much, so I have to be your good friend21、初夏,多好的时节。是家乡曼陀罗开得最盛的日子。Early summer, it's a wonderful season. The sheng day mandala is home22、在要想放下的时候,想想当初是怎样走到此刻的。When to put down, to think is how walk to now.23、回忆的雪翩翩已落下恍如昨夜斟的酒梦醒如轮回的秋。Memories of snow fluttering and falling down like last night, pour the wine as I wake cycle of autumn.24、每个男孩都以前是一个无情的恶魔,当碰到他心爱的女孩时便有了爱。恶魔有爱,净化为人。因此每一个女孩都不就应辜负她的男孩,正因他以前为了你背叛了整个地狱。Every boy who used to be a heartless demons, when met his beloved girl had love. Demons have love, purification. So every girl should not live up to her boy, as he had in order to you rebelled against the whole of the hell.25、再牛的肖邦也弹不出老子的悲伤。Again the cow Chopin also play out Lao tze of sadness.26、我知道有一天我们的爱必定终结可是-I know that one day our love will end but -27、原来爱情从来没有离开过,只是我记得你却忘了。The original love never leave, but I forgot to remember you.28、你永远都不知道自己有多坚强,直到变得坚强成了你唯一的选择。You never know how strong you are, until strong is your only option.29、原来喜欢不可以伪装,原来快乐不可以假装,原来永远和瞬间一样。The original love can not disguise, the original happiness can not pretend, originally forever and in an instant.30、有时候,最好的安慰,就是无言的陪伴。Sometimes, the best comfort, is silent company.


(1)、我唯一不想你的时候就是你在我身边的时候。The only time I don't think you is you by my side.

(2)、一个人怎样可能一生只做同样一件事,住同一间房间睡同一张床,看同样的街景,度过同样的春夏秋冬。怎样可能只对一个主人忠心,痴恋同一个人。How a man might do the same thing life, live in the same room to sleep with a bed, watching the same street, through the same spring, summer, autumn and winter. How may only loyalty to a master, chi love the same person...(3)、不想难过,不想流泪,就不要去好奇那些不该看的东西。Don't want to upset, don't want to cry, don't wonder who shouldn't see. (4)、一你的废话怎样比湖南卫视的广告还多啊。A nonsense: how do you like more than hunan TV ads. (5)、梦想和自由一样,都有代价,但都值得。Dream and freedom, all with a price, but would be worth it. (6)、我放下了尊严,放下了个性,放下了固执,都只是因为放不下你。I put down the dignity, put down the individual character, down stubborn, all just because can not let go you. (7)、其实和我爱的人站在街角沐浴阳光,也是一件幸福的事情Actually, and the person I love sunshine, standing at the street corner is also a happy thing. (8)、都说女人如衣服,但我是你穿不出来的气质。All said the woman be like clothes, but I'm you wear out of temperament. (9)、为什么我会变成一个小丑,而不是一个牧师,或许是正因我比牧师更有牺牲奉献的精神吧。Why do I become a clown, not a priest, perhaps because I have more than the priest the spirit of sacrifice. (10)、当已决定放弃的时候就要勇敢的说再见When has decided to give up will be brave to say goodbye (11)、你是不是觉得我很烦总是去打扰你。Do you think I'm quite tired of always bother you. (12)、有时候分手说的多了之后,渐渐的便真的分开了Sometimes after break up said much, gradually will really separated (13)、我不要什么荣华富贵,我只要你一颗爱我的心I don't what wealth, as long as you a heart to love me (14)、不敢靠近因为你像月亮一样身旁有太多繁星。Too afraid to approach because you like the moon side there are so many stars. (15)、前尘往事仅如梦望君此后勿回头Sing with the past is only a dream hope you later don't look back (16)、我寂寞寂寞就好,你真的不用来我回忆里微笑!I am lonely lonely is good, you really don't have to come to my memory smile! (17)、晓雾侵寒被,倦猫午后眠,残风催晚照,无语问苍天。The morning fog, cold invasion, tired cat afternoon sleep, residual wind rush WanZhao, awakenings. (18)、一有时候想大喊一声,却怕别人用看神经病的眼神鄙视我。A sometimes feel like Shouting, but afraid of other people with mental derangement eye despise me. (19)、有没有那么一个人,让你红了眼眶,你却还笑着原谅。Have so a person, let you red eyes, but you also forgive with a smile (20)、也许我并不该出现在你的生命里,永远不相识。Maybe I should not appear in your life, never get to know each other (21)、信任是这个世界上最容易失去的东西,也是最难挽回的东西。Trust is the most easy to lose things in the world, is also the most difficult to restore. (22)、对自我好点,正因一辈子不长;对身边的人好点,正因下辈子不必须能够遇见。To better itself, because a lifetime is not long; The people around him better, because next life don't have to be able to meet. (23)、空气中弥漫着湿热的气息让人有种说不出的烦躁The air was filled with the smell of damp and hot let a person have a kind of say a fidgety (24)、走完同一条街,回到两个世界。Walk the same street, back to two worlds. (25)、用一杯水的单纯,面对一辈子的复杂。With a cup of pure water, face a lifetime of complex. (26)、莫名的烦燥起来。Unexplained irritability... (27)、每当我不愿意听课时,我就那小刀削桌子,直到我毕业了,桌子也毕业了。Every time when I am not willing to listen, I have that a knife to cut the table, until I graduated, also graduated from the table. (28)、最深的孤独不是长久的一个人,而是心里没有了任何期望。The deepest loneliness is not a person for a long time, but in the heart without any expectations. (29)、决定你人生高度的,不是你的才能,而是你的态度。Decide the level of your life, not your ability, but your attitude. (30)、要像花儿一样,无论身在何处,不管周遭环境如何,都依然潇洒的绽放自己的美丽,活出自己的精彩。Like flowers, no matter where, no matter how environment, are still smart bloom their beauty, live out their own wonderful.以上就是小编的分享了,希望能够帮助到大家。



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